Japanese Hand Tools Starter Pack
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Japanese Hand Tools Starter Pack

The curated FAB9 Japanese Tool Kit is a fantastic foundation for traditional woodworking.
Everything you need to get started with high-quality durable hand tools.

Included in your Tool Kit:
  • NAKAYA Japanese Dozuki Saw 210mm Cross Cut
  • Japanese Kakuri Smoothing Plane - 48mm
  • Japanese Bench Chisel - 9mm
The Superfine Douzuki Saw is designed and manufactured by Nakaya - one of the most prominent saw makers in Japan. The handle is made from woven Rattan, and the blade is from  Premium Swedish steel. 

The Kakuri Smoothing Plane is a traditional Japanese style plane that works with a pull stroke. The blade is made from white paper steel laminated with soft iron. The plane's body is made of naturally dried Japanese White Oak.

The Bullfighter is laminated with hardened steel at the face edge, and softer metal at the back to absorb shock and support the harder face. With a Red Oak handle and steel hoop, that's an extremely durable and usable chisel.
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