How It Works

We work directly with local woodworking instructors to create a unique, classic and timeless course.

The course involves working in a project that was designed for learning from the get go. At each step of the way you'll be exposed to basic woodworking techniques and will practice your hands-on skills.

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Discover the relaxing effects of working with your hands

Working with hand tools is an extremely cathartic experience. When you make things over and over again - You develop a strong relationship with what you’re making. Each marking and each shaving leads the way to the next one, which has extremely unwinding effects.

Learn traditional woodworking skills

This project was designed to guide our participants through a woodworking journey. Each step of the project involves traditional woodworking techniques such as measuring and marking, making a lap joint from scratch, mortise and tenon joint from scratch, hand planning, finishing, and others!

Connect with others

Being a maker is all about creating meaningful connections, When working on your project, you’ll be able to meet other likeminded people in our platform.

You’ll share your creative process and the love for a mindful tactile activity in a friendly community

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Make a Danish Side Table with Liam Thomas


Start Your Tool Library

Japanese Hand Tools Starter Pack


Measuring & Making Kit

FAB9 is enabling the universal desire to create and be well

You Won't Be Making By Yourself!

Included within the course is access to our online educational platform, which allows users to check in with our team if you’re stuck on something, or just need a little reassurance.

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End-to-end Learning Experience

In-depth instructions, on-demand videos, and all the materials and consumables you need to learn traditional woodworking from home.
Our courses are designed and crafted in one of Melbourne's most fascinating creative places.

A team of furniture designers, makers, and maker educators are engaged to craft this end-to-end learning experience.

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